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How Can I Deposit Crypto to My Account?

If you have moved to a new level of financial literacy and started to understand cryptocurrencies, but still can't find a convenient way to receive it, in order to simplify your life, Simple App has a feature that will allow you to get cryptocurrency in seconds.

Doing it is easier than it seems:
On the main screen of the Simple App, click the Receive crypto button.
Go to “Crypto”.
Choose the asset you want to receive.
After this, if you have not previously received or used selected asset, a wallet is created for it.
You will see your wallet address, which you can either copy to send cryptocurrency to, or send a QR code with your crypto wallet address for the selected asset for scanning.
Share your wallet address and get crypto.
Immediately after funding your account you will see its balance on the My Assets tab.

Thanks to these simple actions, in a matter of seconds you can replenish your wallet. As "simple" as it could be!

Updated on: 03/11/2023

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