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"Send" button

Use this button to send cryptocurrency. To find this button you need to go to "Wallets" tab, click "Send". Upon tapping it, you will see several options:

Crypto Wallet: Used to send cryptocurrency to another blockchain address: crypto wallet or crypto exchange.
Send Globally: Make a transfer in a local currency to someone abroad
Gift: Used to send unexpected gifts at a distance.

After selecting the "*Crypto Wallet**" option:
You will be prompted to choose the asset you want to send from your available assets. Select the desired asset.
Then, choose the network.
Enter the recipient's wallet address.
Tap "Continue" and review the transaction details.
Confirm the action.
Upon a successful transaction, you will see a corresponding message on your screen.

After selecting the "**Globally**" option:

Select the original asset or currency, which balance will be used for the conversion and further transfer
Select the destination country, where you want to send funds
Then you need to choose the payment method, which is used to make a transfer to the receiver
You need to specify details of the receiver (card details, etc)
After this you need to define the amount of the original asset or currency to be converted before sending
Then you will see the checkout screen, where you can check and agree on all the details of the
Send Globally transfer
After confirming the transfer you will see the success screen. Job is done!

After selecting the "**Gift**" option, please follow these steps:

Browse through your crypto balances and pick the type you'd like to give.
After that, fill in the details of the recipient, enter their phone number or email address, if the person doesn't have Simple yet.
Choose the amount you want to send as a gift.
Confirm the operation.

If your relatives aren't already using Simple, we'll create a wallet for them automatically. All they need to do is activate the wallet with the number or email you provided.
To make this moment more festive, we have created beautiful cards that you can share with the recipient of a unique gift.
That's how easily in a few steps you can use “Gift”

Updated on: 11/01/2024

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