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Verification process (KYC)

The KYC (Know Your Customer) process is designed to be simple, fully automated, and typically completed in under two minutes.

Here are the steps involved in the process:

Step 1: Provide your documents: You will need to take high-quality photos of one of the following documents based on your supported country:

ID Card (both sides) from any supported country.
Passport (front side) from any supported country.
Driver's license (both sides) only for European Union (EU) countries.
Permanent Residence permit (both sides), applies only for European Union (EU) countries.

Ensure that the document photo clearly displays the following details:
Your full name
Your photograph
Date of birth
Expiry date
Document number

The second step in the KYC process is video verification.
You will be required to record a video using your device's selfie camera and pronounce a number displayed on the screen.

Here's how to complete the video verification:

Access the designated section for video verification.
Follow the on-screen instructions to start recording using your device's selfie camera.
Look directly into the camera and clearly pronounce the number that appears on the screen.
Make sure your face is well-lit and visible during the recording.
Once you have successfully recorded the video, submit it as instructed.

Video verification adds a layer of security to the KYC process. It helps confirm your identity and ensures a more robust verification process. Indeed, the KYC process is often simpler than it may initially seem. Reviewing of verification documents could take up to 48 hours.
P.S. Depending on different regulation in some countries we may request some additional documents to verify an account.

Updated on: 11/01/2024

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